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"Gibbet Mill Windmill Saughall Chester" stock image

Gibbet Mill Windmill Saughall Chester

On August 29th 1750, four Irish harvesters were travelling back to Ireland through Parkgate, just three miles from Chester. The men got involved in a row and three of them attacked and murdered the foruth. They robbed him of his money and clothes and threw his body in a ditch. We know they went drinking after this but this is where the tale changes. One version claims they were drinking in The Swinging Gate in Saughall and murdered a woman. They were caught and during their trail, one man told on the other two and gave evidence against them. The trail ended on September 8th. Because one of the men gave evidence, the other two murderers were found guilty and hanged at Boughton on September 22nd. Their bodies were brought back to Saughall and they were hung up in irons on a gibbet made from ash (hence the name 'Gibbet Mill') This was postitioned at the junction of Parkgate road and a path which runs to the north of the present mill. Their bodies were exhibited as a warning

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